Must See Show of the Day: Pinche Gringo at Slim’s

The first time I heard Pinche Gringo I was astounded by the wall of noise that erupted from one lone form. When you hear the term one man band you think of the town crazy who welded horns to a washboard and is walking through town square blowing on a kazoo. What you don’t think of is a man surrounded by amps, a bass and snare drum at his feet, guitar blazing in his hands as he deploys mind melting psychedelic, blues infused, garage punk. From the moment “Hang Up” ripped across stage I knew I had heard something special that demanded to be remembered and heard again. It was a sound that made me think of a special dark, dank music club at 315 Bowery St. in NY.

The onetime Spinns drummer Josh Johnson started Pinche Gringo while in Mexico City and the influence is clear. The music is hot and dirty, full of electrified soul and mind wrenchingly gorgeous punk influenced bass lines. If Pinche Gringo was a girl I would have sex with her, catch something I could never get rid of, burn her house down and spend the rest of my life drinking away my broken heart. It’s just that good.
The one man powerhouse is playing a mini tour up the east coast to promote the release of his new 3 song EP of unreleased songs he recorded in Mexico City. The EP will be released on his own label, Shipwrecked. Tonight’s show night at Slims marks his Raleigh return and should not be missed. Show starts at 10:00 and costs only 5.00.

Here is a sample to get you over the hump. Enjoy!