Beasley’s Chicken + Honey Almost Ready To Open

Beasley’s Chicken and Honey is likely the most anticipated restaurant to ever cast a shadow in downtown Raleigh. Over the last few weeks, local chef extraordinaire, Ashley Christensen has managed to hire a vast selection of tattooed “downtown types” or as she advertised “now hiring: all positions/badasses”. Now that the waitstaff are training and the construction crews are wrapping up the last touches on the kitchen, the rumor mill is grinding nonstop.  Here is what we have heard so far. Keep in mind, these are just rumors at this point… tasty and delightful rumors, yet still rumors.

So far we know that the main focus is a pairing of succulent fried chicken and sublime local honey. That’s right. Fried chicken, crunchy and moist, drizzled with sweet, earthy honey. And if that was not enough, let’s add champagne to the mix. Traditional southern staples chased with French bath water… holy crap. In addition to the standard American sparkling wine we call champagne, there will also be a selection of real champagne. Some accounts including a $400 bottle of Krug. We also learned that along with fried chicken we can expect around 7 sides, one of which is mac and cheese. Tonight before we sleep, we will pray it’s as good as Poole’s mac and cheese.

You know what else goes well with chicken? Beer. The latest count was 20 taps along with a special brew from Full Steam in Durham. Everything is draft; beer, cocktails, root beer… however today we caught wind there was possibility of old school sodas in bottles, as well as tea in mason jars. Southerners beware, it’s unsweetened, however you should have sugar-water on your table.

The best rumor that we have heard to date, the new pastry chef made a deal with the devil and can cook his “ever-loving ass off”.

While there’s not a firm opening date, it seems it could be as early as next week with Chucks and Fox to follow later in the month. For more info check the article in the Indy.

We wish Ashley all the best, by all accounts there are few people as deserving of success as her. May her chicken never burn and her beer never foam.

*** Update!! We recently got a sneak peek of the food. Check out our review here!