Holy Crap! Free Music!

In our never-ending quest to bring you the best in local and indie music we found you a new free sampler CD from Our Vinyl. You will have to jump threw a few hoops (sign up for their mailing list) but in return you get 10 free tracks. We suggest starting with Sleeper Agent. The other stand out, Deep.Sea. Creatures brings strong beats with striking R&B vocals.

One of our favorites is Matador by The Happy Problem. Lead singer Sam Shaber’s voice drips through the speakers with a heavy, lustful groan normally reserved for women who whisper sexy secrets in your ear right before they shank you in the liver and steal your car.

To download the Back Of The Rack series at OurVinyl.com, click the download link, sign up for updates. After clicking the link in the  conformation email you should get the download url. So stop reading this crap and go get some new and amazing free music.

the happy problem – Matador by ourvinyl